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i feel like this mostly because this so-called barbara is giving her a bigger hard time and also 

cassandra got beaten by ivy

and also more than that her fear toxin vision is bats and not that man she killed

also i don’t like it when harley is the villain

also this editing,acting,the stunts, are just not the best

this so called cass pulled out a cell phone

it’s just not what it could be

this is a no-go


The duo dynamic we SHOULD’VE HAD.


The duo dynamic we SHOULD’VE HAD.

i feel like i’m out here watching this batgirl short film series

but it’s trash

and i’m seriously watching it because it said cassandra cain

but i don’t think that these people understand cassandra cain fundamentally

also they don’t show this girl’s face

what if she’s white and i accidentally co-signed a white chick as cass cain

i feel like i keep resetting to default sadness

if you haven’t seen the static shock short film, blackout or whatever, you should

oh my gosh he said that powers wouldn’t work on him

so white girl squared up and was teleporting around and beating the fuck out of him

and he finally punched the shit out of her stomach

and the short film ended


I love my skin!

Im gonna cry :’)..



here let me summarize: 9/10 times the geek boys who give women shit for liking superheroes and revel in the most problematic oppressive aspects of the industry are actually really shitty fans themselves with embarrassingly simplistic views on comics


activist Supergirl

Supergirl who geeks out over other heroes

Supergirl who instagrams herself fighting with Wonder Woman

Supergirl who purposefully hands her phone to a bystander and asks them to snap a pic of her with Wonder Woman

Supergirl who has a million Supergirl costumes

Supergirl who does chores at the Kent farm for pocket money

Supergirl who sleeps through major events

Supergirl who stays the heck out of Gotham City because she doesn’t need that stress in her life







buttherearedragons no nobody wanted to see it with me and I thought I was okay with not seeing it but I realized today that I’m really not

Bruh watch it…

I’m a shitty person when it comes to computers I don’t know shit about the internet where can I get it (btw what is a bitcoin???)

you should probably just google it

don’t deal in bitcoins

Supergirl who punches fuckboys in the thighs


Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land is so far giving me everything I want from Supergirl

I don’t think you guys understand how much I love down to earth not punching or kicking or fighting Supergirl

I would take it further tho

Supergirl pulling a Smallville and going to parks and supermarkets and shops to inspect babies and toddlers and complimenting them really formally to their parents

Supergirl flying over the earth looking for krypton

Supergirl getting flowers braided into her hair by children

Supergirl walking her way to the Kent farm

Supergirl touching all the animals

Martha Kent giving Supergirl pie

what i really want, tho, is Supergirl going somewhere with a ginormus telescope and realizing that krypton is no longer there

Supergirl getting buck with Clark because she thinks he’s supposed to be a baby and some person has taken the symbol of her family from her destroyed planet and used it to become a superhero

p. sure i mostly want Supergirl just to get her own shit